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Men and the Kitchen

This week I have been staying with my boyfriend, Jay, up in Oklahoma. Since I graduated, we have been trying the long distance thing. It hasn’t exactly been easy, but I think we will come out of it OK. Anyway, staying with him has been a bit of an adventure. In typical guy fashion, he has barely any kitchen supplies and what he does have, mostly go toward making some sort of meat (aka George Foreman Grill, meat tenderizer, the oddest wok I have ever seen). He does not even have a cookie sheet! Contrary to popular belief, (i.e. my boyfriend) just because something is called a cookie sheet, does not mean that is its only use.

But I am not one to give up on baking very easily. So in order to cook something that requires an oven, I have resorted to making a  pan out of foil. Now this technique does work, but it requires four hands to get it into the oven without everything ending up on the floor. On the plus side though, foil doesn’t really get hot in the oven and you can pick it up without using an oven mitt. While foil is a good temporary solution, it would get kind of expensive to do this every single time. Luckily, because of my phenomenal persuasive powers, I convinced him to buy a cookie sheet.  I used it last night to roast some asparagus; it was amazing.

Now I just need to work on getting him a better cutting board, more knives and real cups. I just remembered that Jay reads my blog sometimes…I hope he doesn’t get mad about this…then again maybe he will take my advice.