Scalloped Potatoes

I absolutely love Thanksgiving, especially being a college student because sometimes real food can be hard to come by. I know when I come home from college I always expect my mom to have a great meal there waiting for me. My absolute favorite food that my mom makes for Thanksgiving has to be her scalloped potatoes. Recently, I was craving them so bad that I called her and asked her for the recipe and it is surprisingly simple.

Here is what you will need:

2-3 Large Russet Potatoes

1 Half Pint of Heavy Whipping Cream

6 oz Package of Cheddar Cheese




First, pre-heat your oven to 357 degrees and butter the bottom of a glass 9 in by 9 in dish. Then, you have to peel and slice the potatoes into thin slices  horizontally. Take some of the potato slices and make a layer of potatoes in the glass dish. Then pour some of the heavy whipping cream over the potatoes but only enough to wet the potatoes. After that sprinkle a layer of cheddar cheese and then the salt and pepper. Add a couple of dollops of butter to the layer to finish it off. Then, just repeat the same steps of layering until you run out of potatoes.

After the last layer, sprinkle enough cheese on top in order to cover most of the potatoes. Bake the potato dish for 35-40 minutes (it may be longer depending on your oven and how many layers you made). When it is done the cheese should be melted, the cream should be bubbling, and the potatoes should be soft.

Once the dish is done cooking make sure to let it cool for about five minutes because it will be very hot. Enjoy!

Tip: This dish goes great with sauteed green beans with slivered almonds!


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