Movie Review: Jane Eyre

Caution Spoilers!

Last night I watched the 2011 version of Jane Eyre with a fellow Bronte sisterfan. I was pretty impressed with most of the movie. I have read the book several times and it is one of my favorites. It is also one of the only books that I chose to bring with me to college to read for pleasure. So me saying that it was a good movie is kind of a big deal for me. Most of the time I find that the movie doesn’t live up to the book.

The movie kept consistent with the book until about the very end, where they left out the fact that his hand was mangled in the fire set by his crazed wife. I was sad that they left this out because it took a lot of the meaning behind the story out. The whole premise is that they love each other because they are connected through their very souls and she was supposed to love him through his gruesome state.

Jane Eyre was well cast in Mia Wasikowska. Jane Eyre is described in the book as being plain but having some mysterious glow about her. I thought that Wasikowska captured her perfectly and made her very witty and smart. Michael Fassbender made an attractive Rochester, he made it easy to sympathize with him and the difficult situation he was in.

If you are a fan of the book I recommend watching it but if you are not familiar with the story line you may have trouble keeping up the with dialogue. As with many period pieces, Jane Eyre is full of fast talking and thick accents. It also starts in medias res which makes for an interested movie but it can be hard to follow.

I hope you watch the movie!


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