Healthy College Student

As a college student, I find it can be easy to fall into a pattern of eating frozen pizza and roman noodles every night. We get busy with school, sororities, boyfriends, and intermurals and forget to eat all those green veggies. I know I’m guilty of it, just last week I probably ate pizza for dinner at least three times. But I think it is possible to be busy and still find time to eat healthy as well.

I love to cook and eat home made meals, but during the week it can be difficult to find the time. One thing I started to do to save time was cooking a large pot of soup every Sunday night and then eating on it all week. I change soup recipes every week and that way I don’t get tired of a particular recipe really fast. is a great place to find lots of good recipes, it’s free and you get to see the recipes from a lot of different chefs instead of just one like a regular cookbook. I’m a vegetarian so I think it is also really fun to just pick out a bunch of my favorite vegetables and just make up a recipe as I go along.  I made one of my all time favorite soups this way.

If you aren’t a soup person or you just didn’t have time one Sunday to make it, there are also little things that you could do to make the cooking process go faster. If you want to have sauteed vegetables one night as a side, it can take a long time for those to cook by just that method alone.

I like to fill the bottom of my skillet with about an inch of water and let that come to a boil. Then I throw whatever vegetable I’m cooking that day in for two minutes or so. This is called blanching. Not only does it speed up the cooking process, but it also turns green vegetables to a very pretty and very vibrant green. After a couple of minutes I just poor the water out and continue to cook the veggies like I normally would.

It is possible to eat healthy and not have to spend your whole day in the kitchen. Next time your going for that frozen pizza in the fridge, try to think of other ways to save time and not cheat yourself.

Quick Tip: Cut your vegetables smaller before cooking. Smaller veggies equals faster cooking time.


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