Impressive Portfolio Websites

There are many good portfolio websites out on the web. I swear you could spend a year looking threw them and not see them all. But a few that I looked at this week really stood out to me. The Level9 website caught my eye because of its simplicity. It has a lot of navigation buttons but they a located at the top and the bottom of the website, which makes it easy to navigate. The other pages of the website are very clean as well, just white background with black text.

The brandedo7 website is very bright and fun. Even though there is a lot going on with this website the navigation is still pretty simple. I really like the continuing theme throughout the website. The little puffins are really cute and having them on every single page of the website really brings a fluidity to the site.

The coolest website that I came across would have the be I love the big picture that is the main part of the home page. The picture is an office from above and each of the electronics in the office has a label that comes up whenever you mouse over it. I also like how when you click on the navigation buttons it doesn’t take you to a completely different page it just slides up from the bottom of the home page.

For my website I would really like to keep it simple and clean. I want the main focus to a picture and the navigation buttons to be at the top under a big header. I think that something simple would be the best template for my content.


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