The subject of net-neutrality has been a hot topic as of late and I for one am totally for it. I can’t believe that internet service providers are trying turn the internet into something a lot like the cable television is now. Paying more for certain “packages” to get more channels, or in this case, more websites is ridiculous. People are getting everything they could possibly want from the internet now and the only reason they are wanting to change it is so that they can make more money.

Now, there is the argument that says that those who do not use websites that require more complicated systems should be able to pay less for less service. But just because these people are going to be getting less access to more complicated websites does not necessarily mean that they are going to pay less.

If the object is for the internet service providers to make more money, which I can almost guarantee that it is, then instead of lower the price for people who want less they are most likely going to just raise the price for people who want more. Meaning that those who want less internet service will pay the same amount that they have been paying and those who want more internet service will pay a higher price for what they used to get at they same price as the people getting less internet service. The whole thing is absolutely ridiculous.


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