My First Podcast

Before the past couple weeks I had never made a Podcast before and I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was definitely harder than I thought it would be. The amount of time it takes to just edit it all of the material that me and my partner, Justin, gathered was staggering. I swear we spent hours just cutting our questions from the interviews we did.

The interviews were interesting to do because a lot of the time the person we are interviewing doesn’t realize that they need to space what they say and that because we were cutting out our questions that they needed to speak in full sentences. I had to coach the person I interviewed to make sure that it wouldn’t come off as awkward. I just wish I had had some more experience interviewing people so that it could have turned out better.

I was weird hearing my own voice on the podcast. My voice sounds different than when I’m just talking and I can hear myself. I would get so embarrassed when I heard myself speak. My partner sounded completely normal and confident whereas I sounded like I was trying way to hard. It was difficult to just speak normally without thinking about the fact that I was being recorded but at the same time sound professional and interesting.

Other than that though, it was pretty fun. I think I would do it again if the occasion ever arose. Maybe the next time I make one I will have gotten over the sound of my own voice.


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