Like He Knew

I am a strong believer in the bond that people can have with animals. This belief stems from personal experience. When I was sixteen a couple of friends and I decided to take our horses on a trail riding trip near the outskirts of the Sam Houston National Park. It had been raining for a few days before our ride so the ground was wet and the rivers and streams had swelled and were running faster than usual. But it was such a nice day that we decided to ignore it. Besides, we wouldn’t actually have to walk on the ground, our horses would do it for us.

During the course of our ride we came across a relatively small stream. It didn’t look to bad so we decided to cross it. My horse, Topper, was the calmest horse there so I went first, knowing that the other horses would follow if they saw someone else do it first. The first half of the stream was normal, it only went about half way up Toppers shins. Then suddenly it dipped, all the way up to Toppers chest. The sudden dip and the abnormally fast flowing stream threw Topper off balance, causing him to fall, taking me along with him. I slid off him as quick as I could, plunging into the water. I don’t know how long I was under, but it felt like forever.

As Topper was regaining his balance he kicked my ankle, making it hard for me to stand up. When I finally got up, I looked around to find my horse and soon realized he was in a full state of panic. He couldn’t find his way out of the stream. The other bank was too steep for him to go up, and I was panicked that he was going to hurt himself. I began screaming his name with tears running down my face. I couldn’t go after him because my ankle was hurt and I couldn’t think of what else to do, I just screamed his name over and over.

Then suddenly he stopped. He came to me and lied down in the water right next to me, as if that was the most natural thing he could do. The way he looked at me it was like he knew that I needed him. I threw my arms around him and sobbed. I could hear one of my friends calling to me from the bank of the stream, telling me that I needed to get on my horse. I mounted Topper using my good ankle. As soon as I was up, Topper stood up and walked calmly to the side of the river my friends were on.

My horse is not trained to lie down so that I can mount. He isn’t trained to come when I call his name. I honestly think that he could feel how panicked I was and he wanted to save me. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

P.S. This is a true story, trust me, you could ask my friends that were there that day.


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