Pepsi = Environmentally Friendly?

When I think about those big soft drink companies, helping the environment has never really come straight to my mind. But recently I have learned that maybe it should, at least when it comes to Pepsi.

Pepsi, while although their drinks are terrible for you and have probably contributed to the amount of obesity in the world today, has actually made good on their promise to cut down their carbon footprint.

They have reduced their carbon footprint by an overall 3.7 percent, reduced total energy use by 7.3 percent and reduced water use by 14.6 percent. They have also reduced their land fill waste by 88 percent in two years, while still continuing to grow their company by 15 percent. This is not just a fluke. If businesses were to become completely “green” production costs would go way down and their businesses would flourish. (For more on this, check out “The Ecology of Commerce” by Paul Hawkin)

Pepsi doesn’t want to stop their though, they have promised continue to reduce its impact on the environment, saying that by 2020 they will no longer have any landfill waste and by 2030 all of its packaging will be recyclable or biodegradable.

In the next five years, Pepsi plans to reduce the amount of carbon and water used to produce their crops. They also plan to continue to build more efficient factories all around the world.

Awesome, right? I think so. Now, if only every big company would make this kind of promise. We might actually get somewhere.


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